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Your Upcoming Self Defense Class! 

Hi! So excited to see you all tomorrow night! A few things about the class:

​• This class is an introduction to the most important aspects of women's self defense. We will cover some behavioral & psychological concepts, but much of the time will be spent on your physical skills - basic strikes, kicks, and how to apply them under realistic conditions. 


• Most women feel anxious or intimidated before a class - when Kaitie and Amanda first showed up, they said even though they know me they still felt super nervous! Don't worry, it's totally normal. Women are usually surprised by what they're able to do and how fun it is.  


• Please let me know of any injuries or relevant medical conditions. We're not going to be doing anything too crazy but if there's something you don't feel comfortable doing you can just watch, no worries.


• You can pay on this site here (use promo code WPH), Zelle to 845-499-9602 or bring cash, whatever works.


• When you enter the building, sign in at the security desk. one of my men (I love saying that lol) or I will be waiting in the lobby to show you the way. It's a very low key, no-frills space. Wear comfy clothes and sneakers. Bringing water is recommended. 

• Very happy to finally be doing this with you guys, you'll learn something new and we will have a lot of fun. See you tomorrow!



1133 Westchester Ave

White Plains, NY 10601



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