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LifeForce Beginners

Self Defense Essentials for Life

  • 1 h
  • 49 US dollars
  • White Plains, NY

Service Description

In these weekly classes, we focus on ingraining powerful combative moves & effective safety practices into your longterm muscle memory. After just 5 or 6 sessions, you'll notice how rapidly our neuromuscular training becomes instinctive. Every class integrates the physical skills, mindset, and behavioral aspects essential for a strong self-defense foundation to carry with you on your life's journey. You can then progress to LifeForce Intermediate, and you'll also be eligible for special workshops to periodically refresh your self-defense skills. Here's what you can expect to learn as a beginner: • Safety strategies when walking alone, in elevators, parking lots, and other everyday situations • Common self-defense myths & misconceptions • How to lower your risks of being targeted • How to respond assertively instead of freezing in fear • Powerful moves to stop bigger and stronger assailants • How to protect yourself against grabs, chokes, and other 'typical' attack scenarios • Realities of self-defense weapons • How to handle attacks from different angles, including side or rear assaults • Strategies to enhance your situational awareness • How to automate safety practices into your daily routine • Recognizing the differences among assailants: from strangers to acquaintances, and identifying situations of heightened risk for each • The significance of balance in self-defense training and methods for cultivating dynamic equilibrium & more Don't miss out on these unique & empowering classes led by expert instructors with decades of experience. Start your journey today, because when it comes to self-defense, being more prepared is priceless!

Upcoming Sessions

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