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Realtor Safety: Empowering Self Defense

Invest in the most important part of your business - YOU!

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In the high-risk world of real estate, personal safety is a very real concern. Realtors often find themselves in isolated, unfamiliar locations, meeting strangers alone in empty properties, and other potential safety threats. Our unique "Realtor Safety: Empowering Self-Defense," class is designed to address these unique challenges and empower real estate professionals with essential self-defense skills. . Course Highlights: Awareness and Risk Assessment: Learn how to identify potential risks and develop a heightened sense of awareness to stay one step ahead of potential dangers in your work environment. Effective Communication: Discover how to use verbal and non-verbal communication to defuse tense situations and assertively set boundaries. Physical Self-Defense Techniques: Gain hands-on experience in practical self-defense moves that can be used to protect yourself when faced with physical threats. Safety Strategies for Isolated Locations: Explore strategies for maintaining personal safety when working in isolated or unfamiliar areas. Building Confidence: Empower yourself with the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions in real estate situations that require personal safety measures. Empower your team with the tools they need to navigate the real estate landscape with confidence and safety. Join us and take control of your personal safety today!

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Adjacent to Sloatsburg United Methodist Church Sloatsburg United Methodist Church, 93 Orange Turnpike, Sloatsburg, NY, USA

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