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About LifeForce

Most women have had no self defense education, yet nearly one third of women world wide experience some form of violence against them over the course of their lives.  At LifeForce Self Defense, we believe practical self defense should be a part of every woman's eduation. Our approach is distinctive - we acknowledge that real violence is chaotic and unpredictable—striking swiftly and brutally, leaving no time to think or plan your next move. Our goal is to empower you to respond effectively and survive amidst the unpredictable chaos of the real world.

LifeForce is a sister company to Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense and the Perkins Self Defense System, renowned self protection systems with a global presence since 1976. Our team of instructors are all directly trained by John Perkins, internationally recognized self-defense expert and "the West's foremost expert of the dynamics of violence".


Our instructors bring decades of experience training a range of law enforcement, military personnel & security professionals, as well as others from all walks of life. From The Girl Scouts to professional athletes, domestic abuse survivors and everyone in between, John's training has and continues to touch the lives of many.

We invite you to join our community of women who support each other in creating more empowered lives. Discover the strength within you and build the confidence to navigate our unpredictable world!

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