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About LifeForce 

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Unlike most self-defense training, LifeForce classes are designed for women by women and top self-defense experts.


LifeForce is a sister company to Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense, a unique self defense system taught all over the world since 1976. We recognize the sudden, brutal, and chaotic nature of real violence, and focus on how to function within that chaos in order to survive.


Our instructors have decades of experience training law enforcement, military, security professionals, and folks from every walk of life. From the Girl Scouts to professional athletes to domestic abuse survivors and everyone in between.


Come join other women helping each other create more empowered lives!

We believe safety training should be a part of every woman's education!

Lead Instructor

Tina Dawn

"Hi!! I'm Tina, a certified self-defense instructor, 5th degree blackbelt, and registered nurse. So many women haven't had any practical self-defense education - but we ALL need these skills, now more than ever! 

A lot of women think they have to get into better shape before learning self defense - NOT TRUE lol! For the past 15 years, I've worked with men, women, and families with all kinds of limitations or health conditions. Self defense that only works if you're super jacked or an athlete - how is that helpful? Once women take a class and understand what's actually important for real self defense (vs. what we see in TV/movies), it makes a lot more sense.


I love teaching women because they're so surprised by what they can do. It's amazing to watch timid, quiet women come alive, usually with a "Whaaa, did I just do that?!!", or a feisty girl being like, "Oh yeahhhhh!" It's so inspiring and rewarding, I just can't get enough lol.

I've also seen how these classes can impact your whole life, as it has my own. It's helped me develop a stronger mind-body connection, sense of inner peace, mental toughness, have healthier boundaries in relationships, be more fit, relaxed and aware, and so much more.


Right now we are mostly teaching in NY, but that seems to be growing more and more. Even if we aren't in your area, I am available to anyone who has questions - if I don't know the answer, I know the people who do! "


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