About LifeForce 

We believe safety training should be a part of every woman's education! It's so needed, now more than ever. LifeForce Self Defense for Women is dedicated to bringing the highest quality instruction in a supportive and fun atmosphere. 

LifeForce is a sister company to Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense, a unique self defense system taught all over the world since 1976. This system recognizes the fast, brutal, and chaotic nature of real violence, and focuses on how to function within that chaos in order to survive. Our instructors have decades of experience training law enforcement, military, and security personnel, as well as people from every walk of life - from the Girl Scouts to professional athletes to domestic abuse survivors and everyone in between.


Our classes are specifically designed for women by women and top self-defense experts, unlike most self-defense training.

Now that lockdown restrictions have opened up, we wanted to focus on providing simple & effective survival skills to any woman who wants to learn. Come join other women helping each other create more empowered lives!

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