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About LifeForce 

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Unlike most self-defense training, LifeForce classes are designed for women by women and top self-defense experts.


LifeForce is a sister company to Guided Chaos Adaptive Defense, a unique self defense system taught all over the world since 1976. This system recognizes the fast, brutal, and chaotic nature of real violence, and focuses on how to function within that chaos in order to survive.


Our instructors have decades of experience training law enforcement, military, and security professionals, as well as folks from every walk of life. From the Girl Scouts to professional athletes to domestic abuse survivors, and everyone in between.


Come join other women helping each other create more empowered lives!

We believe safety training should be a part of every woman's education!

Meet Tina

Lead Instructor

Hi!! I'm Tina, and I am passionate about helping women take control of their safety and their lives. I'm a certified self-defense instructor, 5th degree blackbelt, and a registered nurse in Maternal Child Health. My goal is to empower women with practical self-defense education in today's ever-changing and unpredictable world.

For the past 15 years, I've enjoyed working with men, women, and families who want to protect themselves and each other. My primary focus today is to help more women get the self-defense education they need.


Women are so much more capable than they realize!  It doesn't take years of training, but you do need to learn what's important and get some hands-on practice with a qualified instructor. Watching women kicking butt, usually with a "I can't believe I just did that!", or seeing the "Ah-hah" look on their faces is so fun and rewarding. Students saying how much they've learned and how they've been effected is so inspiring, to me it's like nothing else.

I've seen firsthand how this kind of training can transform women's lives, as it has my own. It has helped me develop a stronger mind-body connection, sense of inner peace, mental toughness, have healthier boundaries in relationships, be more relaxed and aware, and so much more.

I hope you will take the opportunity to join me and other women who want to empower ourselves and be the amazing, strong, and confident women we are meant to be. Together, we can make a difference and make the world a better, safer place!


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