Learn from
Female Instructors

Led by female instructors, our classes are empowering, comfortable, & fun!


At the same time, you'll get the no-nonsense skills all women need to know.

These classes are for women of ALL ages, sizes, & fitness levels. 




Self Defense for Women

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Private Group Training

Book a private group class with your friends & family!


Learning with your loved ones, you're naturally more relaxed and you're empowering them, too!

Special Summer Rate:

1 Hour - $99/group

(1-4 people)



This 1-Hour class introduces you to what every woman needs to know about self defense.


You will be surprised by how capable you really are, and how much fun this can be!





"So many things I never thought of before, wow, awesome class!"

Jess D.

“That was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be, I was surprised!”

Catherine R. 

"I always wanted to take a class like this, I'm so glad I finally did - thank you so much!"

Chrissy P.