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We're dedicated to empowering women through action at every step. Our programs equip you the practical skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to effectively safeguard yourself and others. 

Whether you're a college student, a working professional, a mother or a retiree, you have the ability to empower your safety!

Empowerment in Action

Most women have had no formal self-defense training. With nearly 1/3 of women worldwide experiencing violence during their lives, the need for empowerment has never been more critical.

Despite The Staggering Statistics

Self Defense Foundations for Life

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Customized Self Protection Training

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Classes, Events & Workshops

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"I cant believe nobody told me any of this before, my class with Tina was illuminating and so much fun!"

Jess D, 38

"My aunt got me to come and I'm so glad she did! I was definitely intimidated to do something like this, but everyone was so nice and made us all feel comfortable. Yeah, way more enjoyable than I expected!"

Melissa R, 21

"I've told all my friends at work they have to take this class, the world is so scary these days! Really appreciate all the instructors, everyone was great."

Nancy D, 45

What People Are Saying

You'll Learn How To:

• Safely navigate everyday situations, such as parking lots, elevators, and other common settings.

• Debunk common self-defense myths & misconceptions

• Lower your risk of being targeted

• Respond assertively instead of freezing in fear

• Understand realities of self-defense weapons

• Hit & kick to stop larger assailants

  & more

Our Approach 

Our approach is dynamic and multi-faceted, aimed at empowering women to:

• Cultivate a strong sense of self-confidence

• Advocate for their own safety & well-being

• Decrease anxiety & stress levels

• Enhance mental resilience & emotional intelligence

​• Integrate effective responses into muscle memory

• Discern between realistic self defense and its portrayal in sports & movies

• Lead & inspire others women in their communities

Join our community

Together, we're rewriting the narrative and empowering women to live courageously, authentically, and on our own terms.

Pricing Plans

Pick your path to empowerment

  • Single Class Pass

    One 1-Hr Intro or Beginner Class
    Valid for 6 months
  • Most Popular

    5-Class Pass

    1-Hr Intro Class + 4 Beginner Classes
    Valid for 6 months
  • Self Defense Essentials Package

    1-Hr Intro Class + 4 Beginner Classes + 1 Personal Training Session
    Valid for 6 months
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