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Empowerment Meets Practicality

Self defense is

an essential life skill

for every woman

in today's world!


Our classes are

designed to teach 

practical self defense

to women of

all ages, sizes, & fitness levels.

Now is the time to take charge of your safety - Ask yourself, if not now then when?

For Women By Women

Led by a

female instructor, our classes are created

for women by women and self defense experts.

With proper

training & mindset,

women are 

incredibly capable!

Join us to

empower yourself and inspire & protect others!

Benefits of 
Self Defense


Elevated Confidence

Personal Empowerment

Anxiety & Stress Relief

Physical Fitness

Risk Reduction

Lifelong Preparedness

What We Offer

New classes, workshops and events are added regularly! Subscribe for new class announcements. 

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Reserve a spot in one of our scheduled classes, held at 3

locations in NY

Private Group Training

Create a shared experience with friends & family as you cheer each other on! 

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Our unique monthly workshops focus on specific self-defense topics and scenarios.

Previous topics include:

• College Prep Course

• Safety for Realtors

• Home Defense

• Travel Safety

• Online Dating 

• Elevators, Parking Lots, & Stairwells

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Empower your team with valuable self-defense skills for the workplace & everyday life with engaging sector specific seminars and instruction. Perfect for team-building and employee wellness initiatives!

New Class!

Safety in 60 Minutes:

Self Defense for Beginners

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Tuesday Nights
The Arena, White Plains NY


  • Self Defense for Beginners

  • Navigating Campus Life with Confidence

  • Private Self Defense Sessions for Friends & Family